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Breast reduction has one of the highest satisfaction rates of any cosmetic operation.

It is an operation designed to correct the problems associated with large breasts or gigantomastia. Most women who have had this operation routinely wish that they had done it a long time ago. Symptoms include back and neck ache, bra strap shoulder grooves and a rash in the groove under the breast.
Pendulous breasts interfering with the ability to exercise is another common complaint. Along with large size, there is often an associated droop to the breast which looks less attractive. There are multiple different techniques available to reduce the size of the breast ranging from minimal scar techniques to the tried and tested “Anchor scar”. The procedure attracts a medicare item number and so therefore can be done for minimal out of pocket expense.

The crux of the operation is to make the whole breast smaller and a nicer shape. The steps that this involves include-

  • Removing breast tissue,
  • Removing excess skin,
  • Moving the nipple higher onto the breast
  • Shaping the breast and making it more perky
  • Keeping the volume in proportion with the body

In order to achieve a good shape which is in proportion to your body it is generally recommended that the breast be reduced to about half of its original size. (LINK to Breast Volume)
It is performed under general anaesthetic in an accredited hospital setting. The inpatient stay is usually 1-2 nights.



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