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Most women who have had children and/or breastfed will have some degree of droop to their breasts from the expansion and then deflation effects of hormones on breast growth. If this is an issue for you and you have reasonable breast volume then it is likely that a breast lift (also called mastopexy) is the best operation for you. Read Lift or not to lift article. Of course time, exercise and gravity can also have an effect on breast shape and cause a less perky look. As a general guide if you like the look of your breasts when they are well supported in an unpadded bra but don’t like the look of your naked breasts then a breast lift alone is likely going to be sufficient for your needs. There are strict rules however a Medicare item number (and therefore private health insurance cover) is available for some patients. Breast lift explained
The operation aims to firstly reposition the nipple to a higher and more appropriate position on the chest wall. Secondly the skin envelope is tightened and this will leave some scars which will vary depending on the specific technique utilised when your surgery has been individualised to your needs. Most of the time a minimal scar technique can be used but this should be discussed with your surgeon. Thirdly the breast gland is tightened in order to give a firmer and more youthful appearance.

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