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Breast shape and volume changes with time, hormonal changes, pregnancy, breast feeding or sometimes genetic factors. More and more women who are dissatisfied with the small volume of their breasts are taking action to have it corrected. The literature is well versed with the psychological effects that poor breast cosmesis can have upon a female’s psyche -leading to low self-esteem and poor confidence. Functional effects include finding it difficult to fit clothes, underwear or bikinis. Breast augmentation is a straight forward procedure to enlarge the breasts with silicone or saline implants whilst maintaining the ability to still create a natural aesthetic.

Broadly speaking there are 3 main groups of patients who ask for breast enlargement:

  • The young patient (Age 18-25) who has always had underdeveloped breasts
  • The post pregnancy patient (30-45) who is looking to restore lost volume
  • The patients who have a reasonable size breast to start who want to be bigger

The decisions that we will help you make are outlined below:

  • Silicone vs Saline implant
  • Shape of implant – Round vs teardrop (anatomical)
  • The shell of the implant – Smooth vs Textured
  • The placement of the incision
  • The volume of the implant

Breast feeding is not affected as the implant is placed behind the breast tissue and therefore the relationship between the milk ducts and the breast tissue is not interrupted. Whilst the surgery does not impede each breast’s ability to produce milk, there are of course many other factors which influence whether a woman can breast feed or not.
Breast augmentation is performed under a general anaesthetic in an accredited hospital as either a day case or overnight stay.
If you are having a mammogram you need to inform the radiographer so that they can do different views in order to image all of the breast. There is no evidence that having breast implants delays the detection of breast cancer.



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