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Choice of round vs teardrop Breast Implants

What sort of look are you after?

The decision of implant shape is made by me based on 2 major premises. Firstly the type of look the patient is trying to achieve and secondly how big they want to go.  In general terms, most women are suitable for round implants in cosmetic breast augmentation and these form the staple implant type that I use.  A round breast implant gives a fuller upper pole or what I refer to as ‘WOW’ factor. Read more

How to achieve a natural Breast Augmentation

Is it possible to have a natural result from breast implants?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. There are a number of ways a fully qualified plastic surgeon can achieve this look.  The biggest determinant is the size of the implant the patient chooses.  Regardless of technique if the implant is too big for the body frame it will look fake. Generally speaking, an implant placed under the pectoral muscle will give a more natural result compared to on top of the muscle.  Similarly, for any given single volume of an implant, a teardrop or anatomical shaped implant will give a more natural look than a round. Read more

Choosing between saline and silicone breast implants

Saline vs Silicone Breast Implants

The short story is that silicone implants are better in almost all respects. They have a more natural feel and look compared with saline, and are far less likely to cause visible wrinkling and folding.  If the implants are in for long enough and a rupture occurs then the implant will not deflate and leave you lopsided like it will with a saline.  For this reason it silicone is my preferred choice. Read more