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Choice of round vs teardrop Breast Implants

What sort of look are you after?

The decision of implant shape is made by me based on 2 major premises. Firstly the type of look the patient is trying to achieve and secondly how big they want to go.  In general terms, most women are suitable for round implants in cosmetic breast augmentation and these form the staple implant type that I use.  A round breast implant gives a fuller upper pole or what I refer to as ‘WOW’ factor.

A teardrop implant gives a more natural look with less upper pole fullness.

Teardrop or anatomically shaped implants give a more natural look per given volume ie if you compare a round and teardrop 300 cc implant then the teardrop will give a more natural look. Thus I will use these in the circumstances where the patient has picked a bigger volume but still would like a natural look.  They also tend to be a better choice in patients with very little breast tissue as the cohesive silicone gel is firmer and is less likely to wrinkle.

A similar natural look can be gained in the same type of thin small patient using different techniques. The left picture shows a 330 cc teardrop under the muscle. The right is a smaller 250 cc round under the muscle.

This opinion piece was brought to you by Dr Damien Grinsell.

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