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Breast shape and volume changes with time, hormonal changes, pregnancy, breast feeding or sometimes genetic factors. More and more women who are dissatisfied with the small volume of their breasts are taking action to have it corrected. The literature is well versed with the psychological effects that poor breast cosmesis can have upon a female’s psyche -leading to low self-esteem and poor confidence. Read more


Most women who have had children and/or breastfed will have some degree of droop to their breasts from the expansion and then deflation effects of hormones on breast growth. If this is an issue for you and you have reasonable breast volume then it is likely that a breast lift (also called mastopexy) is the best operation for you. Read more


Breast reduction has one of the highest satisfaction rates of any cosmetic operation.

It is an operation designed to correct the problems associated with large breasts or gigantomastia. Most women who have had this operation routinely wish that they had done it a long time ago. Read more


Gynaecomastia surgery is the correction of prominent abnormal male breast tissue.

It occurs because all men have the female X chromosome and so there are minute amounts of female hormones produced all the time (Oestrogen and Progesterone). This is a normal condition in 3 phases of life – as a newborn, puberty and in senescence. Read more