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Scar Management

What can you do to improve the scar?

Every plastic surgeon has a different approach to scar management.

Mine is pretty simple, based on the belief that whilst good scar management can speed up the natural scar maturation process, it doesn’t make any appreciable difference in the long term. The only simple thing that has been proven to work is silicone gel sheeting and we don’t really understand how this produces and effect. Most scars will settle of their own accord.
My advice on scar management is that once the wound is healed and the sutures have been taken out etc (usually about 2 weeks) then massage sorbolene cream in small circles along and around the wound for 3 minutes once a day (before a shower works best). Wash the sorbolene off and apply a strip of micropore paper tape along the wound. Repeat the next day.If your skin is sensitive to tapes, skip the tape. Avoid sun on the scar.

And that’s it. Simple.

The only time you need anything fancy is if you have a diagnosed medical term for something going awry with the scar.


Wait, I hear you ask, what about Bio oil? Vitamin E oil? Pawpaw cream?
Aloe vera? Silicon cream, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Liposomal this,
expensive that. My answer is use ’em if it makes you feel better.

The only time I’ll vary this regime is if I’m worried the scar is becoming
 hypertrophic or keloid. i.e. there’s a medical name for something going
awry in the normal scar maturation process. In those cases, I’ll recommend
 some form of silicon gel sheeting instead of tape.

This opinion piece was brought to you by Dr Mark Baldwin.

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