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Kids and Plastic Surgery

Practical tips to help you and your child

If your child is going to have surgery, it’s a good idea to explain to
them, repeatedly and in detail, what to expect when they go to hospital.

Things they might want to know include:

  • Doctors and nurses in the operating room fix up lots and lots of kids
 all the time. That’s their job that they do all day.
  • The doctors and nurses all wear funny clothes like pyjamas and funny
hats on their heads
  • The doctors and nurses love to ask lots of questions…everyone wants to
ask mum what they are there to get fixed and what their kid’s name is, lots
of times.
  • When you have surgery the sleep doc, who is called an anaesthetist, puts
 you to sleep with a special medicine. Sometimes you get to breathe on a
special spaceman mask, same as an astronaut. If only mum and dad had one
of those to get you to go to sleep every night!
  • The sleep doc keeps you asleep until you are all fixed, and then they
give you more medicine to wake you up. Also useful for parents of
  • When you wake up and you’re all fixed up, you won’t remember where you
are…older kids will know this feeling when they wake up in grandmas
house/ on a sleepover and they can’t recognise where they are for a few
seconds until they remember they did not go to bed in their own bed the
night before.

Kids don’t naturally harbour a fear of hospitals – they learn it from their parents.


Kids get upset about surgery, because their parents get upset…they don’t
know to know that surgery and hospital should be a scary or stressful
experience apart from learning that from others…calm parents have
calm(er) kids.

This opinion piece was brought to you by Dr Mark Baldwin.

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