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A philosophy on Facelifts

Facial Rejuvenation

Age catches up with all of us and whilst many would prefer the thought of looking a bit younger most people shy away from the thought of a facelift.

“Too radical” and “too freaky” are the terms I most commonly hear from patients. To most a facelift conjures up the image of a Hollywood starlet with the windswept feline-like appearance and cheek bones that reach for the sky. Presumably this look is preferred by some patients and surgeons even here in Australia however it does not have to be that way. Most of my patients prefer a more natural look and this certainly is achievable. The more radical philosophy on facelift surgery is more aggressive, has more scarring, is much more expensive and carries with it higher risk. I believe these patients look a bit weird for about 5 years and then it starts to look better.

Natural looking facial rejuvenation is achievable

My personal view on facelifting is that it should not give you the “Hollwood style” appearance as I don’t believe a cosmetic operation should radically change the way you look. Now this is only my personal philosophy but it is important to know what your surgeon is thinking before you sign up for surgery. Personally I want friends and family that know the patient well to notice a difference without being able to define it. It is quite common for friends to remark that “you look like you have been on holidays” or “Wow you are looking well”. The more natural philosophy has a shorter scar, is less expensive, is safer and looks better straight away. The downside is that it probably lasts for 5 years less than the radical type but I believe this is an adequate trade-off for a natural result.

This opinion piece was brought to you by Dr Damien Grinsell.

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