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There are multiple techniques to improve the aesthetics of the thigh. These range from liposuction alone to address excess fat deposits with minimal skin excess through to radical circumferential type thigh lifts which have more scarring. The most common scenario where thigh lifts are performed is after massive weight loss where the main problem is excess rolls of skin.

Your surgeon will examine you to determine whether the main problem is a vertical excess, horizontal excess or both. The operation will then be personally tailored to your needs. The final decision will determine the ultimate scar pattern. The best scar pattern is through a horizontal incision in the groin crease where the final scar can be hidden with underwear. This is best for a vertical excess of skin. Other scar patterns include a vertical scar down the inner aspect of the thigh which may be visible and in addition there may be a horizontal component in the groin crease such that the eventual scar is and inverted L or T shape.
Whilst still acceptable, of all the body contouring procedures this one has the highest complication rate. The reason for this is that the blood supply to the legs is not as robust as other regions of the body and there is also a higher normal bacterial load on the skin in the groin region. The result of this is that wound healing problems and infection rates are higher in thigh lifts.

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