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The medical term for this procedure is meloplasty which literally means to shape or mould the cheek however even plastic surgeons refer to the procedure as a facelift. Read more

BLEPHAROPLASTY (Eyelid reduction)


In the patients who have bulging upper eyelid skin and a loss of definition of the eyelid crease, upper blepharoplasty is the operation of choice. ItĀ opens the eyes, removes the excess hooding, improves visual obstruction and the scar, although always present. is concealed in the upper eyelid crease.
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The eyebrow region needs to be critically assessed with relation to the upper eyelids, forehead and hairline. There are multiple factors at play which is why it is important to be formally assessed by a qualified plastic surgeon for an accurate assessment. Read more


Patients that notice a difference in the shape of one side of the face compared to the other or a problem with the outline of their face may have a contour deformity that can be caused by a number of things. Usually the underlying cause is a difference in the underlying bony structure of the face. This can be on one side or on both sides. Read more