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Call Horizon (03) 8560 2999

Patient Info

    • All of the Consultant Plastic Surgeons at Horizon Plastic Surgery are fully accredited and Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

    • Our surgeons are very busy, and you may wait several weeks to see them for a non-urgent appointment.  If your family doctor phones us to request an urgent appointment you will be seen within 1 week. If you feel you are waiting too long for an appointment, please ask our reception staff to bring this to the surgeon’s attention, as occasionally the surgeon may be able to reschedule something to fit you in.  It is not unusual for cosmetic patients to time their surgery around a future event eg school holidays etc and this can also be accommodated provided you let the receptionist know when you ring to make the appointment.

    • Firstly you will need to fill out a short form to provide us with your demographic information and details of your health insurance. You will be asked to read and sign our privacy policy regarding your medical record. This will include a section on the use of photography for educational purposes which is now standard in all medical practices.

      Then you will see your surgeon who will assess your situation, discuss your diagnosis and the possible treatments, and explain what they recommend and why in your particular case.

      Once a plan has been formulated, if surgery is required, you will be given a written quote regarding the expected cost and a date for surgery arranged.

    • We do not currently publish patient testimonials. Most of our patients are referred by personal referral who have already had surgery with us, or by their family doctor who knows the exceptional standard of our results. We feel this is the only testimonial that really matters.

      Before and after photos will be available for you to see during either your first or second consultation. We do not currently publish these openly due to concerns for patient privacy.  You will see a few photos throughout our website which are used for educational purposes to help you understand the text.

      For cosmetic and major surgeries we will provide you with comprehensive written information regarding your procedure for you to take home and read at your leisure.

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  • The time to scheduling surgery can vary depending on the degree of complexity of the procedure. In general most skin cancer surgery and hand surgery can be scheduled within 2-4 weeks and most cosmetic procedures within 2-3 months. Where clinically indicated and to facilitate surgery for patient availability there is some flexibility in scheduling procedures to optimize outcome. If you wish your surgery to be expedited, please let our staff know.

  • A surgical operation cannot be done without scars.  There is no such thing as scarless surgery.  Sometimes the scars will be so small that they are not noticeable.  An example of this is with liposuction.  Other times the scars are placed in hidden skin creases which makes them look invisible eg blepharoplasty or facelift.   The secret to good scars is in the placement of the scars and meticulous skin closure.

    Unfortunately there are factors with scarring which are beyond the surgeons control such as genetics and skin type which can cause a noticeable scar despite the techniques used above.  Scars undergo a natural evolution so do not be alarmed if the scar appears red and thick for a few months – this will settle down with time and good scar management .  Fortunately there are a range of different options to manage unwanted scars which your surgeon will discuss with you in the unlikely event that this is needed.

  • The initial consultation will cost $150 to $250, depending on whether you are booked for a single or double appointment. Some of this fee may be claimed back through Medicare if you have a GP referral and the consultation is regarding a medical problem rather than purely cosmetic issues.

  • Recovery time after procedures varies considerably depending on the complexity of the procedure and your Plastic Surgeon will be able to advice you with regard to a more accurate recovery time.

    In general, recovery from skin cancer surgery is approximately 2-3 weeks, hand surgery is approximately 4-6 weeks, cosmetic facial surgery is 2-3 weeks, breast and abdominal cosmetic surgery is approximately 4-6 weeks.

    If you would like to have more detailed information about a particular procedure please contact us and we will send you a full information pack relating to that procedure.

  • Your follow up visits during your recovery period will be with one of the Practice Nurses or Hand Therapists. Usually the first appointment will be around 1 week following the surgery, and will be made at a location convenient for you. Sometimes it may be necessary to travel to another location.

    Approximately 6 weeks after surgery, you will have a consultation with your Surgeon.

  • Obviously this will differ depending on the size of the surgical procedure you are having and you should consult your surgeon regarding your specific procedure.

    Below is a general guide for most operations performed where you stay overnight in hospital.

    Day 1 As a general rule you will be able to walk straight away the day after surgery and walking is encouraged as long as it is not extreme ie no power walking with weights.

    Week 2-3 Driving is usually allowed at this time.

    Week 4 Light exercise can start at 4 weeks which includes fast walking and light stationary bike .

    Week 6 Heavy exercise, running and lifting weights can start at 6 weeks but should be started lightly and gradually increased.

  • Maybe.

    The point of writing this post is to state there’s no definite answer to this question. However there’s definitely a right time to ask it, and that’s when you are being booked in for surgery. Let me explain.

    At Horizon Plastic Surgery, the bulk of our routine post operative care is provided by our highly trained and experienced nursing staff. Removal of dressings, cleaning and checking the wound for signs of healing or problems, removal of sutures, ongoing dressings, scar management and fitting postop garments are all considered routine. Sometimes the surgeon may pop their head in to say hello whilst you are seeing the nurse, but not usually.

    All hand surgery patients require a comprehensive hand rehabilitation program to speed up their recovery and eventually maximize their hand function. They are all referred to one of several independent hand therapists whom we know and trust, and postoperative care will be provided en passant as part of hand therapy.

    If our nurses, hand therapists or patients themselves are concerned about the recovery from surgery, or feel that something unusual might be arising, then the treating surgeon will be contacted. An arrangement will then be made for you to be reviewed by your surgeon or another surgeon depending on the urgency.  In summary, if there are any problems you’ll definitely see your surgeon.

    Presuming there aren’t any specific issues, and everything has gone well, and you’re happy with the results, do you need to see your surgeon?

    In larger operations and cosmetic operations, the answer will always be yes, routinely around 6 -8 weeks after your surgery. Our practice nurse will arrange that appointment for you once she is happy that everything has healed well and she doesn’t need to see you again herself. It’s an opportunity for you to discuss the outcome of the surgery, and for your surgeon to make sure everything is on track for your recovery. Often for cosmetic operations there will be further follow-up appointments at 6 months and /or 12 months, as the skin relaxes, swelling settles and the results of the surgery become apparent.

    For smaller, routine operations, such as removal of skin lesions, if you are happy with the outcome and there are no problems apparent, and the nurse is also happy with how things have healed, it may be appropriate to not see the surgeon. We understand that our patients may have to travel a long way to see us, or may be too busy to see the surgeon if it’s not critical to do so. If you think that may apply to you, please ask the surgeon at the time your surgery is booked if it is critical you attend your 6 week postop review. If it isn’t critical, the surgeon will explain to you certain circumstances, such as developing a lumpy scar, that will necessitate you contacting us for an appointment. They may also explain other circumstances, such as a suspected infection, that might require an appointment with your local doctor but not necessarily a visit to see us. They will doubtless reiterate that ‘getting away with’ no appointment only applies to patients who are quite sure they have no problems and no concerns…if you’ve any concerns at all, no matter how small, we do expect to see you.