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Minimally invasive Facial Rejuvenation

Look younger without a facelift

If you are wanting to look younger but can’t stand the thought of major surgery in the form of a facelift then this article may be for you.

A minimally invasive approach can be taken with tiny scars, minimal downtime and give a “spruce up” type of result rather than a dramatic result.

A facial “spruce up” can be achieved with safe minimally invasive techniques and short down time after surgery

A combination of any of 3 procedures can be utilised to create a subtle appearance of youth. There are many signs of ageing but in essence what this technique is trying to achieve is to smooth out the ridges and hollows which age creates.

This minimally invasive technique combines the next 3 procedures and can be done as a day case under general anaesthetic.

  • Upper blepharoplasty
  • Liposuction to the neck and jowls
  • Fat injection to the nasolabial folds, cheek regions and lips

If you have excess upper eyelid skin then an upper blepharoplasty is a no brainer. It gives sensational results with a hidden scar and as I have said on many occasions this is the best value cosmetic operation you can have and makes a big difference to the periorbital aesthetics. Liposuction to the neck gives a subtle neck lift and can also be used on the jowls to reshape the lower face. One of the features of ageing is the loss of fat from the face which can result in a gaunt look. Using modern fat injection techniques this volume can be replaced where it is needed in order to give a subtle result. When these 3 procedures are combined it can give a very pleasing outcome without the risk of a facelift. Of course the results are not as good as a facelift but it is an alternative that many patients will look at when contemplating facial rejuvenation surgery.

This opinion piece was brought to you by Dr Damien Grinsell.