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Choosing the correct implant size

Breast Implant sizing

So, firstly every plastic surgeon does this a slightly different way so don’t get too alarmed if your surgeon does breast implant sizing differently because the main themes that I am trying to get across will be valid. The critical measurement that most surgeons use is called the base width of each breast and it will determine the ultimate width of the implant we will choose.

Once again there are different ways of measuring this so you just have to trust your Australian board certified plastic surgeon.  In a nutshell this determines the width of the new breast we are trying to create and takes into account all the anatomic variables which are present in each patient.  This is not a precise science and depending on the look you are trying to achieve it can vary by 1 cm or so.

Once the base width is determined then really you should think about it in terms of building a house – yep that’s right! If we say that we have determined the floor area for the ground floor then if you want bigger the only way to do that is to put on more stories or levels. In breast terms this is called projection – ie the amount your breast projects out from the chest wall.

The bigger breast implant volume you choose equates to a more projecting an implant.

For the most modest result you would stick with a single level house – this would equate to a low projecting implant and would be smaller. Similarly as you want to go bigger then the number of floors has to increase which amounts to the projection of the implant. Eg – If we assume a base width of 11 cm

Ground floor – low projection might equate to about 200cc

First floor – moderate projection – 275 cc

Second floor – high projection – 350 cc

Third floor – Ultra high projection – 430 cc


Thus for any given base width there is a variation of about 250 – 300 cc of implant sizes which can be chosen.

Choosing the type of implant ie round or anatomical (teardrop) has less science to it and is more about surgeon and patient preference. See opinion piece on “How I choose between the different types of implants”.


This opinion piece was brought to you by Dr Damien Grinsell.

Link: breastsizing.com

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