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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

The latest booty aesthetic to hit our shores

As times change so do the principles of which type of body looks more cosmetically attractive and beautiful. Through the ages different body shapes and proportions have been valued more highly than others and this ideal aesthetic body continues to evolve. This is also highly regional and dependent amongst other things, on genetics. When it comes to the buttock it has been an oft overlooked area of cosmetic surgery. Especially in Australia over the last couple of decades more often than not cosmetic enhancements to the booty have been in the form of simple liposuction to reduce the size without taking into regard the shape.

The South American aesthetic of buttocks is rapidly taking off in Australia

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Previously a volume enhancement of the buttocks was in the form of an implant which has rapidly gone out of favour for a number of reasons including a high complication rate of pain, implant exposure and infection. I personally did not think they were safe enough to use in my practice. Over the past few years fat grafting has improved in popularity and is now a commonplace practice in many reconstructive procedures. Fat grafting This technology has been utilised to enhance the buttock volume whilst at the same time contouring the upper thighs and love handle regions to improve the overall shape of the mid-body. It has been exceptionally popular in South America where a bigger buttock is appreciated and the trend is now growing in Australia I am sure due in no small part to the popularity of Kim Kardashian.

BBL procedure I personally have seen a phenomenal increase in consultations in this area.

This opinion piece was brought to you by Dr Damien Grinsell.